“The Grinch: Stink, Stank, Stunk” White Onesie – Giveaway

Enter below for the chance to win this fun onesie from Baffle. It surely will entertain around Christmas time and will put a smile on your and your guests face.


I am giving away one onesie for your Baby in size 9 months.

In case you are not the lucky winner of this giveaway, you can purchase this and other Baffle Onesies & Baby products on amazon


Good Luck!

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Mesmerico Age & Holiday Stickers – Giveaway

I recently received a free pack of Mesmerico Age & Holiday Stickers and loved them so much that I’d like to share them with you. Mesmerico has been kind enough to provide an other free pack to me which I’d love to pass on to you, but first a little bit about the stickers:


The sticker pack consist of 24 age & holiday stickers (there is a sticker for every month and every holiday you can possibly think of). They are suitable for both boys and girls and are super cute. I love that the stickers not only have a “number” or “Holiday” on them but also cute pictures (mostly animals). My favourite ones so far are “Happy Mothers Day” and “My first of July”. I am due with Baby #2 on July 3rd so maybe I’ll get to use this one soon.


But they’re not only cute but also re-useable and tear-resistant, plus they’re made of non toxic glue and are Phthalate free, latex free, lead free – you can’t say that about too many products!

To enter simply fill in the giveaway below. Good luck and please don’t forget to share it with your friends and followers! #MesmericoBabyMonthlyHolidayStickers

71GsX2YEk+L._SY355_Go to http://www.mesmerico.com to find out more about the product and to see some more cute pictures.


Should you not be my lucky winner, you can order the stickers on amazon. For a limited time only the stickers are selling for $9.99 – too good a deal to miss!


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HELP! I need YOUR Freezer Meal recipes. The best recipe wins a $10 Target GiftCard

I am 33 weeks pregnant this week and its time to start thinking of preparing meals for the first few weeks (or shall I say months) with the Baby.

I am usually organized but I have never organized meals for the freezer in advance. Its time to change that: that’s where you come in, send me your favourite freezer meals I can prepare ahead and just re-heat as and when I need them.

The meals should be mainly vegetarian and kid friendly but I will also prepare a few chicken and beef dishes for my husband.

I will decide which meals I prepare and my favourite recipe will win a $10 Target GiftCard.

You can either write up your own recipe or comment with a link.

freezer meals

Good luck and let those yummy dishes roll in….

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The many uses of Castile Soap – #GoTriNova

I recently applied for a promotion that allows you to try TriNova’s Unscented Castile Soap and I was lucky enough to receive a bottle. Since I use Castile Soap for so many things I always have a few bottles on hands. TriNova’s Castile Soap is unscented and great quality. But remember a little goes a long way.

I received this products for free in return for my honest opinion.


Castile soap is one of those amazing products that is not only 100% plant based but also very versatile. It should be a staple in your household as you can use it for so many things:

Shampoos & Body Wash: Simply mix Castile Soap with water and use it on your body. It will clean and won’t leave any nasty residue on your skin or hair. Mix in some Essential Oils and you get an aromatherapy feeling plus the benefits of the chosen oil(s).

Hand Soap: one of my favourite ways to use Castile Soap is to make foaming hand soap with it. See my recipe here

Laundry Detergent: for a greener, cleaner and more environmentally friendly wash, use Castile soap in your very own laundry detergent.

Floor Cleaner: Mix 2 to 3 spoons of Castile Soap with a bucket of water and clean your floors. They will sparkles and won’t leave any chemicals behind.

Dog Shampoo: our dog has got sensitive skin so we like to use a natural shampoo on her. Castile soap is perfect for dogs. Just mix Castile soap and water in a ratio 1:3 and wash off that dirt.

Here is one of my favourite recipes for using Castile soap! Its a kids body wash that I use on my toddler

1 oz liquid Castile soap
4 oz distilled water
3 drops lavender eo
3 drops orange or lemongrass eo


Simply mix all ingredients in a soap dispenser (a foaming soap dispenser is a plus but not a must) and wash away. It smells great and get your kids clean from top to bottom.

Do you use Castile soap in you household? Share your ideas and recipes.

you can purchase TriNova’s Unscented Castile Soap on amazon

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Spring clean your life with Cariloha Bamboo products

Spring is the perfect time for cleaning your house top to bottom but also for replacing old sheets and bath towels. Nothing feels better and more comfy than a bed with clean, new soft bamboo sheets and a bathroom with new vibrant & absorbent towels.

This time of year is my favourite to bring a new colour into the house and update sheets/bedding and towels. With just a few updates you can make your bedroom and bathrooms look like new. Why not try a different colour or different fabric for your beds and bathroom?

I am a huge fan of Cariloha as their products are all made of Bamboo and are so soft. Did you know that Bamboo is twice as soft as cotton and so easy to clean? No hot water or fabric conditioner needed, over time it will save you money and the products will look just as good as when you bought them.

Bamboo also regulates the temperature, it will keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Bamboo is also greener than cotton, it saves more trees, regenerates naturally without pesticides or chemicals, and is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. It keeps our soil stronger, our air cleaner and our environment healthier.

A little bit about the Bed Sheets #organicbedding


To get more information on the Bed Sheets go here: http://www.cariloha.com/bed-bath/bedding/sheets.html

You can purchase the bed sheets on amazon, they come in King & Queen size and in various colours. The sheet sets include 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases.

A little bit about the Bath Sheets #bamboobathsheets 


The Cariloha bath sheets are 40″ x 70″, compared to a regular towel that is 30″ x 56″. No doubt that anyone in your family will be able to wrap themselves in these soft bath sheet towels.

To get more information on the Bath Sheets go here:  http://www.cariloha.com/bed-bath/bath/bath-sheets.html

You can purchase the bath sheets on amazon, they come in various colours.


I received a heavy discount for these products in return for my honest opinion.

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You are Covered – PottyCover – A Disposable Toilet Seat Cover For Kids Review #PottyCover

Now that the weather is getting warmer and we spend more time outside we will start potty training. Lily is 2.5 and I am ready to train her, although I am not 100% convinced she is but we’ll give it a try anyway.

One thing I am horrified of is the public toilet situation. Will I have enough time to get her to the restroom and will they be clean?? The answer is probably NO but there’s no getting around it.

One way of eliminating the germs and grossness of public toilets is to use a PottyCover. And I believe I have found the perfect solution and MUST have product for everyone who is getting ready to potty train. May I introduce PottyCover, it’s the perfect product for Moms.


It not only protects children and adults from germs on public toilets with its oversized design (it covers the whole toilet, the sides AND the front)


It also provides a waterproof barrier between the toilet and the child/adult.

And I love that PottyCover is individually packaged and fits in every diaper bag or even smaller purses. I’ll never leave the house without PottyCover in my purse again.


It takes away the stress of taking a toddler to a public restroom.

PottyCover has been created by a family father of two and comes with a personal letter. I love supporting families with great ideas and PottyCover is certainly one of those.

I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review, however my opinion are my own.

A pack of PottyCover (6 covers) sells for $5.99 and it is available on Amazon, all Buy Buy Baby stores around the country and at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores.



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Land of Wee Bamboo Washcloth Review #weelikey

As you all know I have spent a lot of time searching the internet for eco friendly, sustainable and healthy options for my family recently. I am especially re-searching products to add to my baby register. They all need to be organic and eco friendly and good for my baby. One product I came across was  the “Land of Wee” washcloth and towels. I was immediately drawn to the fact that they are made of organic bamboo. I am a huge fan of Bamboo for a number of reasons:


Because it grows so quickly, bamboo is an easily renewable resource. It only requires 1/3 the amount of water to grow than cotton does and has no natural pests. That means that bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides whereas cotton often requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth. Bamboo plantations can quite easily be kept organic and replanted every year.

Bamboo fabric is very soft, often described as feeling like cashmere. This is because the bamboo fibre itself is naturally round and smooth without any chemical treatment.

For me the biggest advantage to using Bamboo towels and washcloths, especially for babies and toddlers, is that it’s antibacterial. Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant, through multiple washings. To keep it that way, I highly recommend to machine wash the towels and washcloths in cool water and not to add fabric softeners. Bamboo is naturally soft and doesn’t need softener.

It also requires less dye than cotton which makes it much more environmental friendly and gentler for your baby’s skin. But enough about the wonders of Bamboo and back to the Land of Wee washcloths.

Land of wee

The washcloths come in a pack of 6 in three colours: dark blue, grey and turquoise. The colours are beautiful and vibrant and are fitting for both boys or girls. You can find the care instructions of the back of the packaging. The packaging makes the washcloths look like a very luxurious gift set. They would make an ideal shower present.

Land of wee 2

I am not too keen on the big size of the washcloths (10×10) and wish they would come in a slightly smaller size. However I guess the size makes them perfect to use for older kids as well as adults. They’re very easy to use however, just slip your hand into the hood and wash the dirt away.


They also come with a loop to make it easy to hang them up to dry.

If you are health conscious or looking for a super soft washcloth for your whole family, this is the perfect solution for you.


You can purchase the Land Of Wee Wash Cloths here

I received a free sample of the product in return for my honest opinion

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Body Butters will leave your skin hydrated and feeling super soft but before you start making your own body butter I wanted to share a few notes with you:

Body butter should be rich and might be greasy and should not be used on the face. Also, keep in mind that using a citrus body butter in summer can increase the chance of sunburn hence, I recommend using a citrus based body butter or lotion in the evening. Make sure you leave plenty of time for the body butter to sink into your skin before you get dressed, I like to apply mine after a nice shower and scrub in the evening. Always wash your hands before reaching into the jar to avoid bacteria transfer.

BODY Butter

Here’s what you need: 

6 tbsp coconut oil

1/4 cup cocoa butter

1 tbsp vitamin E Oil

1/4 tsp Lemon Essential Oil

Scoop out the cocoa butter and slightly heat it up. Once its liquid add the coconut oil, Vit E & Lemon Essential oil. Leave to cool down until it hardens.


It will leave you smelling yummy and make your skin super soft. I can’t get enough of this body butter, its so good.

Lemon body butter

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DYI Essential Oils Hand Soap

To start off my “non toxins” lifestyle I have made my own hand soap this morning. Its very simple and the ingredients go a long way.

Since most store bought soaps contain Parabens (a preservative that prevents bacteria growth) I have decide to make my own.

Parabens easily penetrate the skin and remain in the body tissue, they have also been found in breast tumours. It’s time to make a change even if its only one small step at a time:

Here’s what you need:

2 tablespoons liquid castile soap (unscented)

1 tablespoon Fractionated Coconut oil

10 drops essential oils of choice

Water (I used distilled water)

Soap dispenser (since I am trying to avoid plastic – glass or ceramic work well, I got mine from the dollar store) hand soap

Add the castile soap and coconut oil to the soap dispenser and add your choice of EO to it. Fill up the rest of the dispenser with water (I boiled some water and let it cool down completely before adding it).

Unfortunately its not as foamy as I would have liked, but it keeps my hands moisturised. Big plus, I don’t feel like I have to use moisturiser after washing my hands.

I used Lemon EO for my soap – Lemon oil is naturally anti-bacterial, providing a safe, gentle cleanse with a fresh citrus scent to lift any mood. It is also great at improving skin conditions.

hand soap 2

Here are two more EO’s that are great for hand soap: 

Blood Orange –It will perk you up and reduce inflammation. It is antiseptic and works to gently detox through the skin. It will leave your hands feeling and smelling clean.

Peppermint – Peppermint has a cooling effect on the skin and makes a perfect summer soap. It is also known to reduce itchiness and repel mosquitoes.


Have you made your own soap? Do you have any other soap recipes or EO suggestions you want to share?




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My recent Health Kick – from Essential Oils to gradually going plastic free

I am not sure what triggered this lifestyle change, was it my pregnancy, my recent Essential Oil Party or just the fact that I read more and more articles about how bad certain things are for yourself and your family.

Whatever it was I decided to change a few things in my household and one of the articles I read recently certainly helped making that decision:


This article describes the most common Toxins in our household and I intent (over time) to try and eliminate all of those.

  • Parabens

(In personal care products like lotions, soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, and baby care products)

I am slowly starting to move away from soaps, shampoos and cosmetics and using Essential Oils to make products instead. So far I have made hand soap and baby care products. I am planning on adding shampoo, body lotion, shower gels and baby wipes to the list very soon. I also ditched the make up remover wipes for Norwex face towels a while ago – they work a treat.

  • Phthalates & BPA—Bisphenol A

(found in plastic storage containers, fragrances, children’s toys, cleaning products, air fresheners and lots more)

Everyone knows that plastic is bad for you. I have decided to only use glass or stainless steel for my kid(s) for food and drink storage going forward.

For the new Baby I will only use glass bottles: I really like Born Free glass bottles and already put those on my baby registry

For my toddler I have ordered stainless steel sippy cups and stainless steel and glass food containers. I love and can’t say enough good things about Klean Kanteen cups and Lifefactory glass food containers. These have a silicon sleeve so I don’t worry about them breaking.

For food left overs and storage I have been using SnapWare for a while now. The lids go on and come off easily and there is no ugly discolouring like with plastic containers.

I have purchased all my SnapWare at an outlet center kitchen store and got a great deal for buying two sets of containers.

I also got rid of all plastic water bottles and replaced them either with Lifefactory Straw Bottles or Klean Kanteen Sports Cap Bottles.


Going away from plastic is a “long” process of course since all the glass and stainless steel products are more expensive than plastic but I feel its worth changing over and the products will last much longer. I am replacing a few items at a time but I will soon be “plastic free”.

Let me know if you are health conscious and if you have taken any actions yet? Do you have favorite “green” and “clean” products?


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